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Wade Scoffin Occupational Therapy Services

Wade Scoffin Occupational Therapy Services is a private practice consulting business serving the Yukon Territory providing occupational therapy assessments, treatment, program planning and medical/legal services. It is a registered business with the Yukon Government as well as the City of Whitehorse.
It has been active in the Yukon since 1995 and has supplied services to companies such as the Yukon Government, Northwestel, CIBC, ICBC, Yukon WCB, Alberta WCB, private individuals, hospitals, and numerous lawyers and insurance companies.

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Occupational  Therapy

Occupational therapy is a regulated health profession whose role is to enable people to engage in necessary daily activities (a.k.a occupations) following injury, illness, disability or due to other barriers. These occupations include all the activities that a person needs and wants to do in their day; for example, self-care tasks, such as bathing, dressing and toileting, home-making, community access, leisure activities, driving and paid or unpaid employment. Occupational Therapy practice is guided by the Essential Competencies of Practice for Occupational Therapists in Canada (ACOTRO, 2011).
The Occupational Therapy process involves an objective, assessment of a client’s current functional ability, and the requirements of their daily life activities. If something prevents an individual from participating in what they need and want to do, Occupational Therapy can help. Occupational Therapy led interventions are ideal for helping individuals overcome these challenges to maximize their participation and functioning in their daily activities as well as optimize their quality of life.

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Professional Services

Providing Occupational Therapy and Disability Management Services across Canada's North

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Disability Management

Our professional approach is aimed at helping injured or ill workers return to safe and productive work activities as soon as medically possible, with a primary focus on minimizing the impact of injuries or illnesses. It is a partnership involving employers, employees, healthcare providers, unions and employee representatives, and the Workers’ Compensation Board, if dealing with a work-related injury.
A well-designed return to work or workplace accommodation plan is essential to a successful return to work. We take a collaborative approach with the planning process, involving clients, employer representatives, claim owners and other health care professionals as necessary. The client is empowered to participate actively in this planning process to facilitate a positive outcome. The GRTW plan is customized for each client, hence the length of the plan varies.
We are also able to assist employers in the design and development of their internal services and supports associated with Disability Management as an at arms length service provider.
Wade Scoffin is also recognized by the Canadian Mental Health Association as a Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor able to assist workplaces fulfill the Canadian Standard of Psychological Health and Safety at the Workplace.


Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP)

PGAP is a standardized ten week program aimed to maximize the rate of progress in rehabilitation and reduce the probability of the development of disability. PGAP is suitable for individuals with many different diagnoses including pain-related limitations who are in need of an active mobilization intervention and for whom psycho-social issues such as fear of re-injury or pessimistic outlook are considered to be contributors to disability. PGAP focuses on disability reduction as opposed to pain reduction.

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Ergonomic Assessments

Evaluating specific worksites can play an important role in helping individuals avoid on-the-job injuries, prevent reinjury and increase productivity. We will work with organizations and their employees to assess jobs and identifry ergonomic risk factors and solutions. Specific ergonomic services include:

  • Education with the goal to increase awareness of the types of stressors that increase risk of injury.

  • Assessment of the work area for ergonomic risk factors that includes a summary of identified stressors and recommendations for potential solutions in consultation with management and staff as appropriate.

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Remote Ergonomic Assessments

In a response to COVID, Wade Scoffin Occupational Therapy Services has developed a Remote Ergonomic Assessment service. Whether you are working from home or have returned to the office, we can assist in ensuring that your workstation setup is maximized and you are provided with personalized support to work safely and effectively. Please contact us directly if you are interested.

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Job Demands Analysis (JDA)

A JDA is an assessment to document and measure the essential physical & cognitive components of a job. It is a peer document to the Statement of Qualifications and the Position Description.  
When an employee is injured or ill, the medical professionals providing care will provide information about the workers abilities, limitations, restrictions and prognosis. The information received can then be compared to the information contained in the JDA to determine how to best accommodate the worker.  
A JDA also can assist in structuring targeted inquiries to the attending health care professionals to assist them in providing relevant information regarding the workers limitations and restrictions.


Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation (C-FCE)

A Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation is a specific assessment process that assesses the functional impairment of a client’s memory, attention, planning, problem solving, learning, impulsivity, executive functioning and tolerance for multiple demands. The evaluation may include a standardized assessment of cognitive functioning in addition to informal observations.
The evaluation will outline the impact of changes in cognitive function and recommend customized strategies to minimize the condition.
Wade Scoffin Occupational Therapy Services is a certified BrainFx assessor.
BrainFx makes comprehensive measurement and tracking of brain health easier and more accessible. A clear picture of an individual’s strengths and challenges are identified  to assist in targeted treatments and determine their effectiveness to improve overall quality of life. The assessment is standardized and randomized, to minimize learning effects.


Expert Witness Medical Legal Assessments

A cost of future care assessment (CFC) is a comprehensive detailed report which identifies reasonable costs related to injuries. These costs consist of services and products needed to allow an individual to return to pre-injury level of functioning and quality of life, as much as possible. The CFC report is used to outline current and future needs by quantifying the costs of needs over an entire lifespan including future medical and vocational expenses. The focus is to maximize a client’s independence and to minimize medical complications. CFC reports are used for individuals who have had a catastrophic injury or who have chronic health care needs.

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Incapability Assessments

An Incapability Assessment is a medical legal assessment required to be completed as a component of a Guardianship application in Yukon. It is a formal assessment of a person's capacity to understand, appreciate and execute the decision making process.

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Home and Community Occupational Therapy

We assist clients recently discharged from the hospital and requiring immediate assistance and consultation to ensure they will be able to function safely at home and in the community. Often these individuals have had orthopaedic or neurological injuries leading to mobility restrictions. The clinician evaluates accessibility, equipment needs, service needs, rehabilitation needs and transportation needs.
Community rehabilitation programs are customized for each client to improve their ability to participate in activities of daily living, community re-integration, household management, work/school and leisure activities. Programs are goal-focused and aim to maximize functional independence through assessment, reactivation, therapeutic activity, provision of adaptive equipment, and education. Occupational therapists will assist clients to develop adaptive and/or compensatory strategies where appropriate. We have extensive experience with clients with a variety of diagnosis such as orthopaedic or neurological injuries, spinal cord injury, chronic pain and mental health.

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